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      1: What is the process of registering for a workshop?
      • Go to the online form via this website.
      • Accurately and completely fill out the form and be sure to upload the following documents on the site:
        • a 3 x 4 cm up-dated-picture of yourself,
        • a copy of your bank transaction receipt for registrations fees (for those who are required to pay the registration fees),
        • and an official letter of referral from your manager.
      • Other information that you must submit is your flight information but you can submit this later.
      • Then once the form and all of the documents have been accurately completed and uploaded, press the submit button
      • For registration via fax or email:
      • First, download the registration form via this website and accurately complete it and send it via the email address or the fax number indicated on the form.
      • Be sure to fax or email the following documents:
        • a copy of your bank transaction receipt for registrations fees (for those who are required to pay the registration fees),
        • and an official letter of referral from your manager.
        • Note that your 3 x 4 cm picture should be send via email and not fax!
      • Other information that you must submit is your flight information but, this can be submitted at another time.
      • Please have in mind that registration cannot be completed unless
        • you have paid the required fees in full
      2: If I want to present a case study in one of the groups, what should I do?
      • You have to coordinate your request via the Head of the MTCM Secretariat (Mr. Rakhshani) in the first two weeks of registration.
      • Please have in mind that only the first two weeks have been set for those who like to present case studies. Also, you can learn more about our case study standards at here.
      3: Can I submit an article?

      No, since the goal of these workshops is training, articles are not accepted.

      4: Is it necessary to have a referral letter from my workplace?

      Yes, your referral note has to be on your organization / company's official letterhead, along with an official stamp and your management's signature.

      5: Can I register in two workshops at the same time?

      No. Due to lack of sits and the fact that the workshops run concurrently, you can only register for one workshop.

      6: For whom are these workshops free of charge?

      MTCM workshops are free only for those municipals that are official members of the World Metropolitan Organization (Metropolis). In this case, only the head of the delegate of each of these cities can register free of charge.

      7: Can I submit an article?

      No, since the goal of these workshops is training, articles are not accepted.

      8: How can I get the PowerPoint presentations of the trainers / presenters and other workshop related materials?
      • At the end of the workshop a CD will be passed out to all participates that will contain all of the PowerPoints, and other related materials handed out in the program. Also, qualified participants will also be able to receive their certificates' at this time. Certificates of Mashhad Municipality employees will be sent to their offices along with their CDs.
      • A film of the workshops will be offered for a fee after the close of the program and you can contact MTCM afterwards for information on how to obtain this film and arrange for payment.
      9: How can we become a member of Metropolis?

      Becoming a member of Metropolis is not feasible individually, but rather your city's municipality has to submit a request to become a member. For doing so, please contact MTCM for guidance.

      10: Am I responsible for purchasing traveling tickets to Mashhad?

      Yes, the participants are responsible for the cost and purchasing of their travel tickets, unless you are a trainer of a workshop.

      11: Am I responsible for airport transfer to and from my hotel in Mashhad?

      Airport transfer is only for those who are coming from overseas.

      12: Can I bring my family along?

      Yes, but please have in mind that all of the cost (travelling, accommodation, meals, hotels, etc) will be the participant's responsibility.

      13: Are all of the programs in Persian?

      No. The official languages of MTCM are English, Persian, and French. Note that not every program will be in Persian or French and depending on the amount of participants of other languages and the importance of the program, translation into other languages may be feasible (e. g. French, Arabic, Turkish, etc…). You must check the website for up-to-date information on the program language.

      14: I am not completely fluent in English for the opening ceremony. What should I do?
      • If you are not fluent in English, in order to attend the opening ceremony, you will need a translation device. The appropriate personal will hand out these devices at the front door of the ceremony. In order to receive one of these devices, you will have to turn in a valid ID to that personal. Your ID will be returned to you at the end of the ceremony when the device has been turned in. You are only responsible to acquire this device from the personal.
      • Since you can only get a translation devise with your valid ID, please have in mind to bring an ID with you.
      15: I am one of the top managers, am I still required to hand in an ID to receive a translation device?

      Yes, since the private company that is distributing this device has laid out this rule and so it will affect everybody equally.

      16: What should I do if I lose the translation device?

      As per the rule of the translation devise company, your ID will only be returned to you once the translation device or the cost of it (4,000,000 Rial) in the case of lost or damage, has been turned in.

      17: I am not completely fluent in English. What can I do in order to understand the material during the workshops?
      • Sometimes an instant translation option has been considered for that workshop. If so, then translation devises will be made available to you via the appropriate personal at the front door of the main workshops. In order to get one, you need to turn in a valid ID. After the class you can return the device and receive your ID back. Please note that turning the device in after each class is necessary.
      • At other times, as will be appropriately indicated, the workshops may only be in English. Please refer to the website for up-to-date information.
      18: Is attending the workshops mandatory?

      As per MTCM rules, in order to receive an MTCM international certificate, attending 80% of the meetings are necessary. Please note to sign the attendance sheet at the beginning of each class.

      19: If I show up late in some of the classes, what should I do?

      If your delay is less than 15 minutes, ask the attendance personal for the list and sign it. If your delay is more than 15 minutes, they will automatically consider you as an absent, with no exception. Please try to cooperate with us in this manner.

      20: Is it possible for a replacement to attend the workshops instead of me during some of the hours?

      No. As per the rules of MTCM, only the person who is officially registered can attend the workshops and there can be no replacement.