Participating in Classes

      • Participating in at least 80% of the training classes and taking part in the technical tour(s) is mandatory for everyone.
      • There is no exception.
      • Attendance is strictly kept by MTCM staff.
      • At the beginning of class an attendance sheet is passed around the class for the first 15 minutes of class.
      • At random timing, the attendance sheet is once again passed around the class for a second signature.
      • Students leaving the class early are so marked and depending on how early they leave may be marked as absent.
      • All students arriving later than 15 minutes will not be able to sign the attendance sheet and will be marked as absent.
      • There is no exception to this rule; therefore, we kindly ask that every responsible individual obey MTCM attendance rules.
      • By following these rules not only will you help maintain the order of the program, your reputation, and gain valuable information, but you will also earn an international certificate.



      • Based on Metropolis regulations, international certificates will be awarded only to those who have completely attended 80% (5 out of 7 parts) of the total active time of the course program plus taking part in the Technical Tour.
      • Attendance sheets must be signed by participants at entry and exit.
      • Note: There are no exceptions to this rule.
      • At the end of the training course international certificates will be given to all qualified persons.


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