• About Us

      Brief Introduction to the Metropolis Training Center of the Mashhad Municipality (MTCM)

      MTCM was developed as a joint venture of the Metropolis and the Metropolis Training Institute (Montreal, Canada) with the aim of providing first class international training and knowledge exchange for municipal experts, advisers and policy-makers in order to install lasting skills, attitudes and knowledge that will enhance the performance of municipalities worldwide.


      We intend to reach our aims by the following:

      • Hosting international training workshops annually on the most urgent and needed themes.
      • Searching for and inviting the best trainers in the related fields.
      • Developing workshop content based on the needs and level of knowledge of participants.
      • Establishing and implementing international standards in order to run well-organized workshops.
      • Offering international certificates of participation for those who adhere to our standards.
      • Providing effective international links for experts.

      Brief Introduction to the Metropolis

      The World Association of the Major of Metropolises (Metropolis) was established by the municipality of Paris and with the corporation of 14 major cities in 1984. Its active members include over 110 major metropolitans, 31 dependent members, and 6 regional offices (Abidjan, Sao Paulo, Paris, Montreal, Barcelona, and Melbourne). Members from Iran include Mashhad, Tehran, Shiraz, Tabriz, Isfahan, and Ahwaz. This Association is an international non-governmental organization with no political dependency and profit goals and its focus is metropolitan management. The main missions of this Association are:

      • Establishing cooperation among cities regarding common problems of metropolitans ,
      • Presenting major metropolitans to the world and representing them and cooperating with international organizations active in the field of urban affairs, and
      • Facilitating the exchange of knowledge among its network of members.


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