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      21: Is it necessary to attend the scientific tour?

      Yes. Attending the scientific tour is as important as the workshops.

      22: Is it necessary to attend the leisure tour?

      No, it is not necessary to attend the leisure tour, although your participation will make us happy.

      23: Am I allowed to exit the hotel for shopping or looking around?

      Yes. You are allowed to exit your hotels when there is no official program planned. We ask that you cooperate in keeping order by coming a bit earlier to the workshop rooms.

      24: During the stay at the hotel, if I have a problem or a question, whom should I refer to?

      In case of any questions or inquiries, you can refer to the workshop Secretariat located at the hotel.

      25: Is using the hotel's facilities free of charge?
      • Hotel rooms, breakfast and lunch are included in the registration fees.
      • Therefore, the cost of using other facilities such as dinner, the mini bar, laundry, the phone, etc… must be covered by the participants.
      26: How can I access the Internet?

      In order to access the internet, you have to ask the hotel's management to guide you if there is an option to do so.

      27: I would like to print a couple of pages from my document. Where can I go?

      If it is only a couple of page, you can go to workshop Secretariat for assistance.